A Quiet 2016 Inspired Playlist For Work

Some days, I like working to fast paced + upbeat music. It gets the juices flowing, feels fun, and alive. On other days, though, it's the calm stuff that wins. Over the past several months, I've been saving those songs, often without lyrics, and adding them to a playlist for quiet days, where focus and relaxation is 100% needed. And since I used to share loads of playlists in the past (and loved it), I thought I'd do the same here on the new Rowan Made blog as well. Here's what's on this months playlist:

01. "Cold Nites" — How To Dress Well
02. "Morning Passages" — Philip Glass
03. "Velius" — Helios
04. "Sitting Room" — Beta Radio
05. "In Between Worlds" — Sebastian Plano
06. "Repose In Blue" — Eluvium
07. "Moonlight" — Message To Bears
08. "Flow & Branch" — Keith Kenniff
09. "Eastern Glow" — The Album Leaf
10. "Natural Cause" — Emancipator

Listen on Spotify

Also! For those of you who love a certain playlist on Spotify (whether it's mine or not), you can always find similar music by starting a radio from the playlist of your choice. Just click on the three dots next to the "pause" button and select "Start Playlist Radio." That's my favorite way to effortlessly discover new music these days. Enjoy! And if you have any other amazing calm playlists on Spotify that you know of, feel free to share them in the comments section. I'm always looking for more. ;)