If it's not a hell yes, it's a no

When I first started freelancing, I said yes to any and all inquiries that came my way. It didn’t matter if a client’s budget was (way) too small or if their niche was something I could care less about. I said yes anyway.


I was also working 12-15 hours at a time, which was … exhausting, to say the least. Because there I was, doing whatever my clients wanted me to do, for little to no money. Just so that I could say “I made it.”

Now, if I could go back and gently give my younger self guidance, I would have encouraged her to value her worth from the very beginning. Even though she was only 22 years old, fresh out of college, and living in her parent’s basement. That didn’t (and doesn’t) matter.

I still had (and have) worth. And so do you.

At the end of the day, we all bring something to the table, big or small. And for that, we owe it to ourselves to honor our time and skills, not just monetarily, but in practice, as well.

You see, one of the hardest things I’ve had to learn over the past several years is how to say no. Because that yes? It’s almost always on the tip of my tongue, waiting for me to overlook small differences and / or ignore clear warning signs.

But here’s the thing. IF IT’S NOT A HELL YES, IT’S A NO.

This is obviously a bold claim that’s easier said than done. Because let’s face it ... there’s a whole lot of factors at play given the need to make enough money to live comfortably in this world. But what if we start saying no more. Little by little. Until eventually, all that we’re saying is hell yes after hell yes?

I truly believe that the more you align yourself with the work that fills you up, the more it will come your way. And this applies to absolutely everyone. So listen to your gut. Do your best to say yes to the opportunities that feel right. And I have no doubt that by honoring your truth, you’re going to start enjoying what you do that. much. more.

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