Messaging is greater than visuals

At this point, it’s a no brainer that visuals are important (you buy wine because of the label too, riiiight?). Given our short attention spans, it’s the quickest way to capture someone’s interest. So if visuals are the gateway, what happens next? Well, you communicate. Talk, share, sell. Also known as good old messaging.


As a designer, you’d think that I’d be all about the looks. But you’d be wrong. More and more, I’m realizing just how much bigger of an impact messaging has. Sure, great design is great design. But it only holds up if the messaging is strong.

Think about it. There’s a lot of repetitiveness out there. Similar visuals. Similar messaging. Same this, same that. We scroll and scroll and after awhile, become numb to it all. But every once in awhile, something or somebody will stand out.

Have you ever stopped to think about why?

It’s authenticity. Which, yes, is a total buzzword right now. But it’s still the best way to convey that YOUR message, YOUR story … is what makes you, you. And I know that sounds cheesy as hell, but it’s the simplest truth that most people miss.

Sure, there may be over seven billion people in this world, making the odds of coming across as “authentic” seem slim. But that’s just not the case. There is literally nobody else in this world that has the same exact combination of self as you. Whether you’re silly, sweet, sassy, all, or none of the above. The infusion of you is the magic ingredient in messaging. Full stop.

Every once in awhile, somebody will ask me how I got where I am. While flattering, this question typically makes me feel all sorts of fraudy. Like I’m supposed to deliver an elaborate five step action plan when in reality, I got to where I am by doing whatever felt right in the present moment. Sure, there’s been a lot of trial and error, but in the end, it’s really just me, being me.

The way I talk, share, and sell aligns with who I am. And in turn, the right people come around, no fancy sales funnel needed.

So I’ve got a little proposition for you. The next time you write an instagram caption, present to a client, or do anything business related ... take a second to tune in and ask yourself: “does the way I’m doing or saying this feel right to me?” And if the answer is no, know that it’s okay to adjust. Even if it’s different from how everyone else is doing things.

This is without a doubt the biggest lesson I've infused within the entirety of Branding With Bre. Of course we dive deep into the ins and outs of a solid design process, but I'll be the first one to admit that there’s no one right way. My approach has always been to “take what resonates and leave the rest,” and this is no different. Because your truth is your truth, and I guarantee that it’ll take you to the sweetest spot there is. ♡

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