Taking A Look Back At 2015

2015 was my first full year working under the name Rowan Made. And it was a good one! So, in honor of this year (quickly) coming to a close, I thought I'd put together a short review of 2015 as a whole. Plus, this gives me a chance to show bits + pieces of some awesome brands that I worked with this year since I haven't gotten around to properly writing up a full post on them quite yet. ;)

I think numbers are fun and can be interesting (especially when looking back), so we'll start there! This year, I worked on 66 projects, both big and small. Of those projects, nearly 60% of them were branding related. The rest were mostly websites with print, packaging, and other collateral items mixed in as well. All in all, a good variety, with confirmation that I'm a big fan of branding! That said, here's a quick look at some of my favorite brands / brand elements that were created this year:

Logos by Rowan Made | 2015


Besides client work (as usual), this was also a year of transition for me. After dealing with debilitating back pain during the latter half of 2014 and into 2015, I finally started a more healthy working routine and began practicing yoga (almost) every day. It feels a little silly bringing yoga and healthy habits up in a business review, especially as a "big moment," but I honestly wouldn't have been able to (happily) complete the work I did if it wasn't for these changes. So yes, I think it's worth bringing up. ;) Cheers to slowing down and realizing that keeping your work / life balance in check is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Seriously.

Another biggie was designing the new Rowan Made website! But more than that, hiring a developer to actually code it. Some of you may know, but I dabbled in development when I first started freelancing (on top of design), but knew that I couldn't keep up with it. When it finally came to getting the new RM website coded, it was difficult to justify hiring somebody for something that I could do myself (and save money), but MAN, was it worth it. Sure, I could have done it. But it would have taken me 20 times longer + loads of headaches and added stress that just wasn't necessary. Needless to say, I'm endlessly grateful that Lindsay of Made To Thrive was able to make this website come to life so beautifully and swiftly.


Although I slowed down this year (by choice), I still have big plans and ideas for the future of Rowan Made. I'm just getting better at letting them ruminate and come to life naturally, rather than forcing things that don't feel quite right. One of my goals is to utilize this blog more in 2016. For years, I blogged daily on my personal website. And I loved it, until it left me exhausted, which is why you haven't heard much from me since launching the new Rowan Made website. I've taken this time to jot down ideas, rest, and focus on clients + side projects. And it's been good! Looking forward, I'm excited to write more and interact with you all once again. That's for sure. :)

Rowan Made on Instagram

In the meantime, the easiest way to get updates and behind the scenes tidbits from Rowan Made is to follow me on instagram. I love the community there and that it's truly micro blogging at it's finest. So what do you say ... let's be friends?

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