Brand Strategy Creation
Mini Class


This mini class is essentially module #1 of Branding w/ Bre, our signature online program that takes a deep dive into how we brand businesses here at Rowan Made. But, we understand that not everyone needs or wants the whole thing, which is why we’ve pulled the brand strategy portion out as a mini class! Here, we’ll cover everything from asking your clients the right questions, to developing an in-depth brand strategy that ensures you and your clients are on the same page before moving forward. Sound cool? Read on, friends.


1.5 hours of teaching
Questionnaire template
Brand strategy template
Moodboard screencast
Usage examples
FAQ guide


Client Questionnaire: In the first video lesson, we kick things off by chatting about how to ask your clients the right questions in order to develop an in-depth and effective brand strategy. The exact client questionnaire we use here at Rowan Made is also included as a template for you to use as well.

Brand Strategy Creation: Lesson two dives deep into brand strategy creation, Or, in other words, how to take the information you learn about your clients and their businesses and translate everything into a nice + succinct document that goes over their passion, purpose, and audience, while also analyzing their competition and overall goals. A brand strategy template, as well as real world examples, are also included.

Moodboard Creation: Because brand strategies also include a visual moodboard, lesson three dives into just that. Where we’ll talk all about what kind of images to look for, how to source, and in general, best practices for moodboard creation.

Moodboard Creation Screencast: The fourth lesson is special, in that it’s a video screencast of my own desktop, as I create a moodboard for one of Rowan Made’s past clients. The entire creation includes voice over explanation of what I’m doing as I’m doing it, as well.

Gathering Feedback: The final lesson dives into brand strategy presentation, as well as how to gather effective feedback from your clients.

* The Brand Strategy Creation mini class is the same as module #1 from Branding w/ Bre, our signature online program. If you are a BWB alumni, then you already have access to the Brand Strategy Creation mini class. ;)