We are a small branding
studio that partners with conscious
lifestyle & wellness brands.


Our services always begin
with branding.

brand strategy
primary logo
secondary logo
brand pattern
color palette
font system
one collateral item
brand guidelines

— deliverables

What makes us different is that because we partner with conscious lifestyle and wellness brands, we ourselves are actually a part of our clients’ target market, uniquely understanding the ins and outs of what they are looking to offer and communicate. But we don’t just make something pretty for the hell of it. We dive deep and get to know the ins and outs of our clients’ businesses so that we can thoughtfully develop an authentic identity from the ground up.

Discover: We believe in telling your story the right way, so all branding projects begin with a deep dive. Here, we'll chat about your business and you'll also fill out a questionnaire where your past, present, and future are all fair game and equally telling.

Strategize: Next, we’ll put together an in-depth brand strategy (see example) that outlines your brand’s passion, purpose, and target market, while also analyzing your competition and overall goals so you can stand out from the crowd. A visual moodboard is also included so that we have both a verbal and visualize checkpoint before moving forward.

Design: Using the strategic information and inspiration we've gathered thus far, we'll begin concept development. We take a ONE concept approach when it comes to design, playing with a variety of directions up front and narrowing down as we go in order to deliver the best, most succinct solution for your brand. Your concept will be presented through an in-depth PDF presentation, where we'll walk you through all rationale.

Refine: Next, we'll work through two rounds of refinement by discussing what's working as well as potential opportunities to grow. Our job is to make sure that what we're presenting you is the best solution for your business, but we also want to make sure that you're happy with the end result as well.

Build Out (Collateral): Depending on what you need, we’ll design your chosen collateral item (choose from: business cards, notecard, letterhead, hang tag, tote bag, stickers, buttons, up to 4 custom icons, or social media template), as well as anything else (print, web, etc.) that you add on. One concept and two rounds of refinement are included for each item.

Finalize: Once everything is approved, you’ll receive all of the files and tools needed to successfully launch your brand into the world. We’re also happy to provide recommendations and facilitate communication with printers, developers, and other creatives if your project continues on after our work is done so that overall brand consistency is carried out successfully across the board.

Our clients hire us because they trust that it’s our job to design the best, most succinct solution for their brand. The reason this works is because our process is rooted in strategy, allowing us to channel all of our creative energy into something that not only reflects our clients story and audience, but is beautiful, too. We still explore a variety of options up front, but narrow those down so that we can present our clients with a more fleshed out identity. Remember, we do offer two rounds of refinement after the initial concept is presented. This way, we can properly discuss what’s working as well as any potential opportunities to grow so that in the end, you’re walking away with a brand that best represents your business.

If you'd like to learn more, we wrote an entire blog post about the subject here!

Turn around time varies depending on project scope, as well as client response time. But typically, our brand identity package takes 6-8 weeks from start to finish. Add on collateral items incurs extra time.

Send us an email through out contact form and we'll respond back within 1-2 business days. We like to make sure that it's a good fit for both parties, so we'll most likely send through a few follow up questions and / or schedule a short call depending on what you need. From there, we'll be able to put together an estimate that is customized to your exact needs. And if you choose to move forward, we'll get you setup within our project management system, Asana, where we'll send over your contract, initial invoice (50% downpayment), and questionnaire!

Although branding is the entry point in working with us, the majority of our clients add on à la carte services (like web design, print and / or digital collateral, and packaging) for a truly custom experience.

For website design, there are two routes you can take. The first is both simple and affordable, and includes a customized pre-existing template on Squarespace. The second is more complex, and includes having us design a website for you from scratch on the platform of your choice (like Wordpress, Shopify, etc.). If you opt for the latter, please note that we'll need to outsource a developer to help make your design come to life on screen.


Hey, I’m Bre.

I’m a Minneapolis based designer who thrives on simplicity and organized rule breaking. After graduating from design school, I said “no thanks” to the traditional route, started my own business, and haven’t looked back since. For awhile, I ran Rowan Made by myself. But in 2016, I finally had the opportunity to begin growing a team and brought on another designer, Phalen Reed, to help out. So far, it's just the two of us, which helps keep the studio small and nimble.

Since we partner with like-minded individuals in the conscious lifestyle and wellness space, we thought it'd be nice to list out some of our values. If you nod "YES!" to all of these, we have a sneaky feeling that we'll get along just fine. Our clients ... trust and value our design expertise, appreciate organization, communicate efficiently, live mindfully, and most importantly, are kind + positive. Also! If you enjoy The Office, (like Bre) or 80s movies (like Phalen), then we've got ourselves a truly “win win win” situation all around.