We are a small branding
and educational studio with a knack
for simplicity and purpose.


Here at Rowan Made, we cultivate strong partnerships with like-minded individuals who are looking to tell their story, the right way.

Why the name? Well, there’s this old European folk tale that talks about the Rowan Tree, which supposedly prevented travelers from getting lost. And while we currently hail from the midwest and don’t have a magical rowan tree in our backyard (yet), we find ourselves in a similar place. Forging our own creative journey, each and every day ... trusting that we’re on a path that's meant to be.

Sound familiar? Well, that’s because you’re on your own unique journey, too. And we get that! At our core, we believe that thoughtful design and authentic storytelling are the key ingredients to any successful brand and aim to blend both with everyone we partner with.

If you're interested in working with us, please check out our services and get in contact with us to start the conversation. Our goal, as coined by the wonder that is Albert Einstein, is to make things as simple as possible, not simpler.


the team

Hey! My name is Breanna Rose. It’s nice to meet you. I am a Minneapolis based designer who thrives on simplicity and organized rule breaking. After graduating from design school, I said “no thanks” to the traditional route, started my own business, and haven’t looked back since. For awhile, I ran Rowan Made by myself. But in 2016, I finally had the opportunity to begin growing a team and brought on another designer, Phalen Reed, to help out. So far, it's just the two of us, which helps keep the studio small and nimble.

Since we partner with like-minded individuals, we thought it'd be nice to list out some of our values. If you nod "YES!" to all of these, we have a sneaky feeling that we'll get along just fine. Our clients ...

Trust our design expertise, appreciate organization, communicate efficiently, live mindfully, and most importantly, are kind and positive. Also! If you enjoy "The Office," (like Bre) or 80s movies (like Phalen), then we've got ourselves a truly win win win situation all around.